ServerLock Local

ServerLock Local is a product for setting traffic filters in Solarflare NICs.

The ServerLock Local feature set includes the following:

  • Programmable filters
  • Accept or drop packets based on IP address, port number and protocol
  • Filters millions of packets every second, with low latency
  • Filters on IP address subnets
  • Supports 5,000 filters and 1,000 counters.
  • Command Line Interface to add & delete rules, and to commit & flush the ruleset

ServerLock Enterprise

ServerLock Enterprise is not currently generally available.
For preview releases of ServerLock Enterprise please contact

Activation and Download

ServerLock Local support is included as standard on 8522, 8522M and all X2 series adapters.
The following downloads are for ServerLock Local v1.0.

Part Number Issue Title Issue Date
SF-119421-LS 5 [v1.0.2.1000] Solarflare ServerLock Local CLI
Release Note
26 October 2018
SF-118796-CD 3 ServerLock Local - Command Line Interface User Guide
23 September 2018
SF-120190-LS 1 [v7.1.2.1000] Solarflare Linux Utilities RPM (64bit) for ServerLock Local
Release Note
14 May 2018