SolarCapturePro is a set of tools for capturing, timestamping, processing and injecting network traffic. SolarCapturePro is able to capture packets received from the network at very high rates, apply filtering in hardware and software, perform custom processing, and write packets to disk in PCAP format.

SolarCapturePro includes APIs for customisation and for embedding into applications, and a flexible framework for putting together applications from pluggable processing components.

The SolarCapturePro packages include support for XtremeScale 8000 series and X2 adapters. The “SolarCapturePro” feature set includes the following:

  • Hardware timestamps
  • libpcap bindings
  • Packet injection
  • Sniff mode (on Plus adapters)
  • Software filtering
  • Application clustering

Availability and Support

A SolarCapturePro AppFlex activation key is no longer required. The software is currently available through the purchase of a support agreement. To purchase support for SolarCapturePro, please contact your Sales Representative at